A great deal of those who have engaged our services want an expression of who they are, yet they do not know how to navigate with confidence, effectiveness and efficiency. We believe we become more valuable to our clients by applying our design experience of over 20 years in parallel with examining new relationships and design strategies, which allows us to bring a fresh approach to every current project. Our technique is borne from the deliberate consideration of the project's uniqueness of place, and it’s connectedness to history and context. We foster new directions in the nature of materials, knowing that the presence of our design work is in a continual balance within the forces of everyday life.


Rather than being guided by trend, or by a predetermined style, our primary interest is in the clients sentiments and project circumstances, working collaboratively to gain a genuine, and intriguing design story. Often clients recognize that the quality found in their project comes from the diligence of our process as much as from the final result of the design itself. Our work has often been described as having a compelling, deliberate yet elegant approach with prominently uncluttered principals, and distinctive components.


In founding the company in 1998, William Gregory ventured to provide the best service to clients by pursuing excellence in design services, through quality fabrication, communication and strong project delivery. We effectively achieve this through our long established relationships with our clients and the trades throughout New England and New York, combined with our experienced ability and proficient understanding of residential design. In all our work, we strive to wed practicality and professional rigor with design and craftsmanship.



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Elegant. Informed. Enduring.

Devised for Modern Life.

Genuine to Place.

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