Dragonfly, Late Meiji era 1908

Prevailing Influences - 2020

  • Early 20th Century Design
  • Visual Tension:  i.e. Modern + Organic
  • Varigated Colour Schemes
  • Authentic & Humble Materials
  • Vernacular Design
  • Black & White Photographic Works
  • Modern Landscapes
  • Early Textiles
  •  1930's

Core Principals


Our work is directed and assembled by means of an ethic:

To deliver the best design through exceptional service, and to make places that are true to our clients.



Every project in our office is guided by the following core principals:


Value of Results.

Our clients value quality and know that good design is never superficial. We create value by strong project management and client advocate skills parallel to our design approach. Through the restoration of order the end result of our design work bolsters pride, enables new traditions, embraces old traditions, and elevates comfort and efficiency. The process is inclusive and collaborative, and we believe that a fertile plan emerges from a variety of different vantage points.


Personally Integrated.

Driven by a deliberate dialogue using context and history to illustrate a complete narrative highlighting the character, and design acumen of the program.


Informed Simplicity.

The spirit of the office is based on a fundamental application using subtraction more than addition in the design process. Framed by a simple, honed and deeply rooted conviction that less is better than more.


Nature of Material.

Where the distinct nature of a material should be honored and expressed. We characteristically direct our design methodologies by framing elements that are functionally applied, synergistic and designed within the overall program - highlighting singular materials and atmospheric colors.


Design Execution.

We achieve these results through a combination of tireless examination and follow through, clear communication and rendering an unerring eye on the function, form and light qualites of your space.

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Elegant. Informed. Enduring.

Devised for Modern Life.

Genuine to Place.

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